(July 2002-Nowadays) it´s a young company dedicated to the distribution of travelling accesories and fashionable complements. Born few years ago from the asotiation of some commerces of the Basque Country, nowadays is living incredible growth rates, managed by ist carismatic leader Paul San Sebastian.
   This growth has come through the actual divisions and the new businesses: Importation, fabrication, distribution, corporate sales, real-world shops, electronic commerce, corners, ...
   I´ve had the oportunity to work in different areas, but my principal responsabilities have been the followings:
- Assistance in the opening of the first real-world shop.
- Developement and implementation of a new distribution   channel: "the corners".
- Opening of the 75% of the existing corners and    responsible of the expansion outside of San Sebastian    (Bilbao, Pamplona and Vitoria)
- Design and management of a media and communication    plan.