Qtrade Investor
Qtrade Investor
(Summer 2001)
    Qtrade Investor is Canada's leading independent online brokerage, providing dedicated brokerage solutions to the customers of over 150 financial institutions and financial planning firms across Canada. The Headquarters are in Vancouver, British Columbia, where I have worked.
Qtrade Investor
    My responsabilities concern basically to the estructure of the web page, due to the wide knowledge acquired previously about the spanish market of online brokerage:
-  Analysis of the web pages of our clients and our integration in them.
-  Usability tests of the principal page and the new sections.
- Comparative analysis of the competence, in order to find things that they may    be doing better.
- Research of the posibilities of implementation of the recommendations of    external analists. Principally the ones made by Gomez, independent authority    of the industry.